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Mi Amigo Cares provides homemaker & companion services to the elderly and adults with disabilities.


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Mi Amigo Cares is currently available in Miami, FL.

What services do we offer?

Our empathetic ‘amigos’ are young adults who are fond of spending time with the elderly and adults with disabilities, doing everything that a good friend would do. We help you with companionship, housework, staying active, transportation, technology lessons, and more.

Daily Routine: 
Reminders to Take Medication
Preparing Healthy Meals
Well Being Check-Ins

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Helping with Chores
Laundry or Cleaning
Throwing out the Trash

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Running Errands:
Accompany to Appointments
Grocery/Personal Shopping
Pick up Prescriptions

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About Us

Josephine Alvarez (Mi Amigo’s President) and Charity G., would always care for the elders in their circle of family and friends. From having conversations over cafecito, bill reminders, and teaching them how to use their new touchscreen phones, Josephine and Charity always gave a helping hand without hesitation.


This is where ‘Mi Amigo’ was born, translated in English to ‘My Friend’. We help the elders and people with developmental disabilities in the community as we would personally help our friends — with love, respect, and honor.


Mission: At Mi Amigo Cares, we aim to enhance the lives of the elderly and adults with disabilities by helping them live actively and joyfully. We provide services that promote emotional wellness and social connectedness.


Life is better with Mi Amigo.

Connect with Us


Monday - Friday
10 AM - 6 PM

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Mi Amigo Cares

LIC #: 239116

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